Thursday, May 5, 2016

Well... I've been busy!

my Springtime in Savannah series on the loom
I'm enjoying having the creative push to be creative!  Being an active member of a gallery is encouraging me to create more work.  I was especially was encouraged by the fact that I sold two large items.

I was very excited to hear that one of my Moroccan tops in blue and greens had found a new home and THEN to have someone purchase my mostly handspun coat I was over the moon!  I priced the items I have in Gallery 209 quite reasonably.  Because they are very labor intensive to create as each one is unique and like a painting with yarns on the warp... the mostly handspun wools, alpacas and silk coat was $680 and the cotton, linen and silk lightweight summery Moroccan top sold for $275.   This reflects the 25% fee that goes to the gallery as well as the $100 monthly rental fee and membership fees. The people who now own my creations are getting a bargain as they now have something in their wardrobe where each fiber has been touched and loved many times and the piece has been created as a work of art.
one side of my finger fringed Soft Shoulders Top
the other side of my finger fringed Soft Shoulders Top
I just completed a warp that I call "Springtime in Savannah" as it is reds and fushias and different tones of greens from dark to yellow green.  It was funny that I had to force myself to add the greens when I wound the warp... when I looked around at paintings I have created lately they all are in these colors... they really are the colors of my surroundings here in Savannah.
one side of the Moroccan Top on "Springtime in Savannah" warp
the other side of the Moroccan Top on "Springtime in Savannah" warp
 When I work at Gallery 209 on River St in Savannah I often park in the hotel at the end of the Riverwalk.  The other morning it was glorious as I took my Moroccan top to be put on display.  It was in the mid70s and there was a wonderful breeze and I found flowers along the way that reflected my palette.  How lucky am I!!!

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