Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Chirping from my Cricket

I was able to warp my Cricket 3 more times over the summer.  I used some black cotton of different weights with some left over linen knitting yarns in black and beiges.  I added touches of green, red and lavender and played with different techniques in a Saori inspired way.  Each of my pieces became looser after the conference when I was inspired by just how loose a fabric could be and still stay together.  I did have some tension issues due to the variety of warp yarns and weights.  I decided to flow with the Saori spirit and let them happen and see show it all works out.  When I took it off the loom, I wiggled it a bit diagonally and it was fine.

Then the fun part... What does this fabric I created want to be.  I decided to challenge myself and see if I could sew a garment by hand without cutting the fabric, thereby omitting the need for a sewing machine that I don't have when I'm in the boat in the summer.  I draped it on my body and pinned it - like we were shown at the conference - and came up with a kind of Mobius twist.  The twist became a fold on the middle front and the fringe ends of different lengths were twisted and at the back. I whip stitched the loops at the weft turnings together by hand with doubled black thread to form the side seams and tried it on again.  AND it's a different look when I wear it backwards!  I love it!

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