Thursday, October 23, 2014

international Saori Conference

After a lousy winter of recuperating, I was ready for another relaxing summer on Lake Champlain rocking on our sailboat, playing with the wind, and being closer to our kids and grandkids.  It was all I had hoped for and then some... The "then some" being Saori.

In order to make a necessary trip back to Savannah in the middle of the summer something to look forward to, I enrolled in the Saori International Conference in Peachtree City, GA organized by Denise Prince who had come to our fiber guild to give is a presentation last March.  I've been creating Saori-like work for years... playing with colors and textures in my handwoven items often incorporating bits of handspun.

Kenzo Jo having the group help him stretch his elastic fabric
Saori-inspired work is unique and celebrates the hand and the spirit in freeform Zen-like weaving.  It embraces accidents in threading and weaving to create one of a kind work that cannot be duplicated by a machine.  The conference was inspiring being able to see the work of so many people inspired by the Saori philosophy developed by now 101 year old Misao Jo.  Her son Kenzo Jo developed and markets the Saori loom and equipment.  He has trained people throughout the world in the techniques for weaving from your heart.

It was a fantastic conference full of inspiring people, fabrics and techniques.   I am so glad that I went.  I have photos of the exhibit at Peachtree Library as well as some of the happenings at the hotel.  What a group of sharing and caring people united by an interest in the Zen-like Saori principles.  

Here I am  n front of my "It sure is Green" coat wearing the top  I woven and kit with the jacquard  bag I made.

The no sew hat I created during a workshop.. Later dyed it blue with indigo to have more of a contrast with my hair.

Images from My Google Plus...  Please let me know if you cannot get them.

Here are my Peachtree Library Exhibit pics including my "It Sure is GREEN" coat:

Here are my Fashion Show pics...

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  1. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to - I should have known it was on the boat! Sounds like an amazing conference ... as well as some nifty weaving on the water. :)