Thursday, October 23, 2014

CRICKET sings Saori style

Before I left Savannah I ordered a Schacht Cricket 15" rigid heddle loom.  It arrived at the boat in early June.  I was able to put it together from the directions in the box and warp it and start weaving in about 3 hours!  I had brought some silk and cotton blends and some novelty yarns in harmonious colors... So my first warp was an 8" wide sampler.  I continued playing with two shaft techniques adding wandering inlays and clasped techniques.
The summer top I created when I got back to Savannah.
My second warp was of similar colors but a bit wider - 10 inches... Because I had in mind weaving for a summer top.  The narrow band 8" was shorter and could be the center panel and the sides were from the 10" piece.  I was able to sew the resulting summer tunic together when we returned to Savannah and my sewing machine.  I loved incorporating the fringes and left novelty yarns hanging throughout the piece for a sense of whimsy.  I call it... Lake Champlain Melody... Because it sings a song of summer!

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