Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let there be HATS!

A couple years ago when we returned from a road trip to Salt Lake City to see my dear father-in-law, Hok we stopped somewhere in middle America... I think South Dakota... and there were several Native American shops in the small town where we found some lunch. One of the lovely shop owners recommended this book - Kiki's Hats by Warren Hanson to give to my grand-daughters. I thought its message was really nice... It's about a grandmother - KIKI - who knit hats and hats and more hats. My grandgirls love it and I do too! You can find it on Amazon ... here.
Kiki's Hats
Anyway... I'm channeling my inner KIKI and have become obsessed with knitting hats. Hats, hats, and more hats... Currently I'm working on some for my wonderful grand-girls - Abby age almost 6, Chelsea 4 1/2 and baby Maja almost 6 months - gifts for my special Valentines... Here's a sneak peak of Maja's - a work in progress... I'll try to take a photo of them all wearing them next week when I get my Nana-fix. I'm flying to Boston to see Maja and her mommies Kim and Laura and HOPEFULLY if the weather cooperates... daughter Kristin and hubby Bobby will bring Abby and Chelsea to Boston, too! My heart hats have earflaps because its been a cold, cold winter in the NorthEast!

Here are the two sets of hats I knit for the Loop it Up kids of the W Broad St. Y...


  1. This is a very noble-looking little dress - befitting the princess of the house. Ribbons and flowers adorn knit hats for women it as they should.

  2. Love these hats! Aren't they a nice, quick knit? Super cute!