Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grand-daughters -- the essence of heaven!

I returned home Monday night after a spectacular weekend with my grand-girls! I flew to Boston to stay with the moms... Kim and Laura and absolutely adorable Maja who turned 6 months old on Valentine's Day! Daughter Kristin and her fantastic girls Abby almost 6 and Chelsea 4 1/2 came in Saturday and we had a sleepover Saturday night! What fun! Son Kjell and his girlfriend Charlene came to enjoy the lasagne dinner I made Saturday and had some Maja time too!

Maja is the happiest, easiest baby I've ever known! She grins whenever you look her way... and goes to sleep without a peep for 10-11 hrs a night! How I enjoyed my babysitting time on Friday and again Sunday night when I encouraged the moms to have some time to themselves by going to a movie.

With Abby's birthday and Valentine's Day approaching we had lots to celebrate. I knit Pipi Longstocking hats with earflaps & braids for all 3 girls with a heart motif. Abby and Chelsea put them on and never took them off! That warmed my heart! I'm in the process of finishing up matching mittens. It was a great way to use up bits of left over washable cotton and cotton-blend yarns I had accumulated after weaving scarves and sweater and doll knitting. I also gave them little felt heart hair clips based on a pattern from the Purl Bee that they loved. We enjoyed a heart shaped birthday cake after dinner. Then it was time to all snuggle on the pull out couch in the living room and watch Look Who's Talking. I was in heaven!

baby Maja in the sweater I made as her newborn gift... she's almost outgrown it.
Maja and the bigger than life-size doll I made her for Christmas. (My... what a big head the doll has!!!)

I feel blessed!


  1. love the hats, what a cute baby

  2. I love the hats and how it warmed your heart that the girls didn't want to take them off. The girls felt the love with which they were made.

  3. I am so lucky to have the 3 most adorable grand-daughters in the whole wide world!!!