Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Just a quick update... not much time to weave though I am working a bit on the third study group towel... this time in CRACKLE! It took me a couple do-overs as I didn't have the draft and I was using my trusty Mary Black - New Key to Weaving book to fill in the gaps. I think I've got it! I'm not too sure it will be a beautiful project... but I'm using it as a sampler to explore different possibilities on this threading. We'll see what happens.

My other project for the month was recovering cushions on our Barcelona chairs that have rapidly deteriorated from shabby chic to just shabby. After looking at an upholsterer -- no dice -- too pricey at $1600 !!! to buying may own hides and sewing new leather ones... I decided on ultrasuede in black that I found at JoAnn's on sale for about $15 a yard. I copied the faux quilted look for the front and am waiting on the covered buttons I ordered from the upholster for about $50-- well worth it as I certainly did not want to cover 100 little buttons. Sewing them all into place at the intersections of the rectangles... I will be done. Maybe I'll post a photo when complete.

Another long overdue major project was to paint my bathroom. I decided that I wanted a mural like effect... and used several cans of last years painting project blended with red, yellow and blues in small jars to get unique color effects. LOVE the finished look. It's almost fun to go in there!

I was challenged to make hats for the kids at the Broad St. Y in downtown Savannah for Loop it Up... a great project working with fibers and inner city youth run by Molly Lieberman who I met through working with JuYeon last year. I finished 15 or so hats from preK size through early teen. What fun! and I must say I got a bit obsessive. Quick projects that could be finished in an evening while watching tv. PERFECT! Now I'm making some hats for my own grand-girls... Photos later...

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