Monday, March 2, 2009

Let the search begin...

My new studio in our 3rd bedroom is beginning to come to life.  The corner bookshelves from Ikea finally arrived a couple weeks ago and my books and yarns and things have filled it already!  The most important art of the studio is my new-to-me 8 shaft Mighty Wolf loom called Deanie for the former owner. Deanie is now warped and I've started exploring a reverse twill.  

I've vowed to use up my stash, especially while I explore what the 8 shafts can do.  I threaded it with 10/2s cotton yarns in a light blue, medium violet and dark blue cotton.  The current tie up is actually for another pattern... but then I'm experimenting and I like the texture that is appearing.  I warped from the back and had to re-slay the reed as I was a violet yarn short.  Oh well.. it's all part of the adventure!  I'm in no hurry... which is a good thing.

Memories of beginning weaving over 31 years ago keep springing into my mind.  It is really similar as I had toddlers naptimes as my weaving time... and now my time is eeked out of naptime for our Portuguese water dog 5 month old puppy, Kizi.  Of course, I also make time for walks on the beach with my hubby and Spinning Group, yarn night at Wild Fibres, Fiber Guild meeting and road trips to explore area sights.  There's time -- no deadlines.

Since moving to Savannah, I've made several amulets (pockets) woven on cardboard looms.  I'll be teaching a workshop at Wild Fibres on March 14th.  It's such a great way to use left over yarns and everyone who weaves, spins, knits, crochets, etc... has lots of thrums!  Everyone can get cardboard for the loom and after learning the special way of warping... the possibilities are endless.  When the weaving is taken off the loom... the bottom, sides and top are all finished. You only need to weave in a couple ends... and then add the embellishments!  Using bits and pieces of old yarns full of memories -- how wabi sabi!!

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  1. Very nice! Your loom is beautiful and looks great in the 3rd room!