Wednesday, March 4, 2009

got the blues...

I'm not actually feelin' blue ... it's just that last night I finished my new handwoven dish towel.. my first 8 shaft project on Deanie.  It wove up very quickly after a rough start with a sticky 8th shaft.  (The solution thanks to a friend on Ravelry was silicone spray!)  I am not real excited with the bluey blue... but it makes a great dish towel.  I cut it off and handwashed it after zigzagging the ends.  Last night I fixed the many floats... actually I pulled them out because they were way too long! In my haste to get started I must have tied the treadles up incorrectly.  Fortunately, the weave structure doesn't seem to suffer from the pulled out floats. I hand hemmed the ends and its good to go!

I've re-tied the treadles and have started weaving yardage for a summer top.  I'm so much happier with the weft.  I'm using a variegated 5/2s cotton I bought at WEBS a couple years ago. It's beautiful and I am SO much happier with the look.  The yarn is dark blues and violets and light blues like the warp, but also has a great dark purple, dark green, teal and magenta.  It's yummy.  I also like the new pattern.  I'm really enjoying having Deanie around!

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