Monday, February 29, 2016


It's been a while since I entered work in an art exhibit.  BUT 2016 is about ME finding my creative voice, so I decided to enter some of the pieces I created for SCAD's Small Works exhibit in a juried exhibit at Sulphur Studios a great artspace in the arts community of Starland in Savannah.  And my work was accepted!  THEN I was includ
ed in an article in our local Sunday newspaper on my birthday.  Great start to 2016! 
Allison Hersh article about IN:LINE


My quote:
"Local fiber artist Suzanne Hokanson considers line to be the basic foundation from which art is constructed. For “In::Line,” she exhibits a series of handwoven panels crafted from handspun yarn. In “Walking Line,” “Over There” and “Turn Around,” ivory and red lines wander across a black background, suggesting a visual and conceptual journey.
“Playing with the yarns in my work allows me to explore different textures that are created by turning the lines to create paths that draw the eye from place to place,” she explained. “I allow the piece to evolve at the loom in a spontaneous, improvisational way.”
Hokanson, a longtime member of Fiber Guild of the Savannahs, describes her artisanal art as “drawing with one yarn at a time.”
“In weaving, the line is the warp and weft yarns intersecting to create the woven cloth,” she said. “The power comes when you begin to play with that line.”"

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