Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fiber adventure July 2015

Harrisville Designs in Harrisville, NH
How I love to be immersed in fiber... yarns, unspun fibers of all kinds, the art of creating in fibers.  I had two days to myself.  Though, I love traveling with my dear hubby, this trip was all about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to stop for however long I felt necessary.  It was all about ME.  That doesn't often happen, so I really was appreciating every minute.  This adventure started with the desire to see Saori Worcester's Loom in Essence exhibition of the work of Mihoko Wakabayasi's students.  And OH it became so much more!

My adventure started early Wednesday morning July 23 when I look off across the lake to discover all kinds of fibery things. First stop was Williston, VT and after finding I had gotten there too early for my first planned stop, I ran in to Marshalls ostensibly to find a bathroom but also found a great blue swimsuit for just $19.99 and the perfect pair of taupe capris to go with the handknit sweater I had just finished and was wearing!  Whoops, I  wasn't planning on clothing purchases!

On to the reason I stopped in Williston just outside of Burlington... the Northeast Fiber Arts Center.  It's a tiny shop but absolutely crammed with all kinds of delicious temptations. I loved all the yarns, but their collection of unspun fibers and felting supplies was amazing.  I had a hard time deciding what to splurge on with a limited budget. I landed on natural tussah and bombyx silk fiber (to be dyed in the Fall at our guild's Indigo Dye Day) some mill end silk remnant fibers to add to weavings and felting projects in reds and a beautiful shiny burgundy red skein of Cascade yarn. I could have spent SO much more but I was trying to be conservative.

Back in the car I headed down I87 through the mountains of Vermont and then south along I91 towards Keene,NH listening to classical music. The mountains were full of every shade of green imaginable and dotted along the highway were little yellow wildflowers. My newly handknit summery sweater in greens with lacey yellow and browns was perfect.

Harrisville, NH and its mill pond
My first view of the Harrisville Designs Show Room
I wound my way to the delightful hamlet of Harrisville, NH to find the home of Harrisville Designs.  The multicolored flowers along the village streets juxtaposed against the ancient brick factory buildings set the tone.  Delightful.  How wonderful to explore the tastefully arranged displays of the shop.  So many temptations!  

I was intrigued by their ProLooper Loom... One and a half times the size of the original looper potholder looms... to make 14" squares. Their supply of colorful cotton loopers was amazing.  Delicious wool yarns spun there were also tempting, but with Savannah weather I'm staying away from wool in favor of cotton, linen and silk.  I DID manage to find a couple cones with these fibers to bring home and three lovely beautiful buttons and an 8" stick shuttle for my Cricket.  Lunch at the Harrisville General Store was delicious and then back to the shop to pick up a couple of teddy bear/felting kits in a cut replica of the brick factory building for my two youngest g'girls upcoming birthdays.  Jason Collingwood's, well known carpet weaver was teaching upstairs. Oh how I wanted to take a peak, but I respected their privacy and felt pleased knowing I had enjoyed a class with Jason in Albany several years ago.

Tearing myself away from Harrisville was difficult but I needed to get to Nashua, NH as I was spending the night at daughter Kim's home.  I took a quick side trip to Peterbrorough, another quaint though gentrified New England town and discovered a SCAD artist, Bin Yung had his work chosen for the revered show of under 30 year old artists at the Sharon Art Center home of the NH Guild of Arts.  His photograph had been awarded Best of Show.  Small world... I had spent some time discussing these photographs and his work with Bin at SCADs Silver and Ink show in Savannah a few month ago.

Before dinner with Kim and g'girl Maja We stopped into the local downtown Nashua yarn shop Twist.  Fun to see the women sitting around knitting much like we do in Savannah.  I couldn't find the quilt thread I needed but picked up a couple light green and lavender skeins to add to my treasures.

After relaxing by reading Maja from her favorite book about Disney princesses I easily fell asleep with visions of fibery things dancing in my head and anticipating another fun day ahead.

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