Monday, July 13, 2015

Creating an Art Yarn Rainbow

What fun it was to explore the Rainbow at SWAY... the South West (Florida) Art Yarn Conference in Sarasota, Florida!  Hubby and I took off for a learning vacation in late April.  I had gotten info on SWAY the last few years and loved the work of one of the organizers Picasso's Moon fiber artist, Deb Lambert... so I teased my hubby and he agreed... since we'd never been to Sarasota... it was TIME.

The featured presenters were Wool Wench Suzy Brown from New Zealand and her cohort Arlene Thayer of Spin Artiste... together they are Fibery Goodness and are the goddesses of art yarn!  

The focus of the weekend was spinning a rainbow and using all kinds of tools to prepare the fiber from the brand new Magacraft drum carder and others, to blending boards to lethal yarn combs and dizes.  What fun!  I pushed my little Kromski Fantasia to her limits and was excited to find an adaptor I had already purchased to turn the oriface into the perfect art yarn spinner!  While at the workshop I forced her to take up the bulky yarns I was creating.  But once home with the new adaptor, it was delightfully easy!

It was a wonderful weekend exploring the area with my hubby during down time and falling in love with color the rest of the time!  I even picked up a great pair of vintage well worn cowboy boots and a dress made of vintage fabrics from one of the vendors as well as fibers to spin and some wonderful super big wooden knitting needles in a leather pouch!  WIN, win, WIN!!!

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