Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm embarrassed

I'm embarrassed that I haven't posted for so long. My excuse this summer was that our internet server at the marina was down most of the summer, so I didn't have access. Thank goodness for our cute little iPad that helped us stayed connected with the world outside of Plattsburgh, NY. But I really don't have a good excuse now because we have returned to Savannah and are enjoying the extended summer weather. I'm also back working as a docent at SCAD and that's taking a bit of time. Excuses, excuses... I'll TRY to be better... Anyway, here are a few things I've been working on...

Last summer I kept busy... knitting and doing some drop spindle spinning and lots of boat upholstery and curtains. I knit several items for our new grandson Ollie and a pink cotton surplice-stlye top for me. I finished a nice little tapestry on the boat using embroidery floss in a variety off mainly blues and greens. My $20 Bavarian tapestry loom with its pegs was perfect for this and a stripped piece.

Once we returned to Savannah I started knitting a black cotton raglan top and weaving tapestry styled design on my 8shaft Mighty Wolf using cotton, linen and handspun. Its been fun playing with adding handspun color to the weft. And fun to see the different twill stuctures emerge. I've taken this on as a Weavolution Halloweave challenge.

I started this frame loom tapestry during Tropical Storm Irene. We were rockin and rollin. (BTW that's my hubby's beer...)
DH in the sweater I made him last spring...

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  1. Oh my! I have stumbled across a mirror image of myself! Although I haven't written a book or gone to Japan, or have a boat I do have a boat, christened, "Snabb Båt" which means 'Fast Boat' in Swedish. My DH and I get wind burn and mosquitoes in our teeth as we cruise our 100 acre lake in Wisconsin with our trolling motor at top speed!! I am a hand weaver of linen. I have my Glimakra with drawloom at the lake, and my 24 harness Compu-dobby AVL at my studio at home. I would LOVE to connect somehow! Do you Facebook?

    PS. I posted my discovery of Wabi Sabi not too long ago on my Facebook Page called "Slow Life" at