Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Inspired by Terri of Weaving the Saori Way (Ravelry group)... I took my 2nd Saori scarf a bit further. Because I had some shiny perle cotton in the warp with the different wools (worsted, boucle and singles) I was able to pull the black yarns and gather the fabric about 2 inches in from both selvedges. This left the center 1/2 inch ungathered. Terri had woven hers in an open weave structure, but I wanted to try it using more of my "vintage" handspun (done over 35 years of spinning) only this time - in natural color only.
my scarf with the black warp pulled on half of it... (truer color)
gathered on one side only...
For weft I used several different small balls I had of natural white as well as some tussah silk, a plied wool and mohair, a plied angora with white thread and some alpaca handspun and in roving. I love the texture and the way the various yarns and weave structures play with each other. I used the same 4 shaft direct tie-up on my 8 shaft Mighty Wolf. What fun!
detail showing the roving and ruffled scarf

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