Monday, January 10, 2011

All dolled up...

I decided it would be fun to knit my 3 beautiful grand-daughters dolls for Christmas this year.
Actually, it all started when I knit our latest grand-girl Maja, born August 14, 2010, a layette when she was born -- sweater, hat, soaker and booties. She needed a life-size baby doll that could wear these when she outgrows them. I call the doll Anna Bea because my daughter's imaginary friend when she was little was called Anna B (Kim's middle name is Anna.) Anyway I set out to find a doll pattern I liked on Ravelry and none were big enough, so I took the one I liked (the Amy Doll by Yvonne Boucher) and knit it one and a half times the size called for. It worked!

Once I got her all sewed up... I had the fun part of making her come to life. I embroidered eyes, nose and mouth and of course, a heart and then set out to sewing hair on her head. I used cotton for the body as I wanted her to be washable and I decided to use acrylic yarn (also washable) for the hair. I found an adorable 4 piece set at TJ Maxx -- onesie, sweater, pants and even socks... and with a little folding it fit her perfectly and Maja can even wear it! She didn't look right without eyebrows and ears... so I added them before tucking Anna Bea into a box and sending on her way to her new home with Maja.
Then... not to leave my other two adorable grand-girls without hand-knit Nana Dolls... I went to trusty Ravelry again and found a pattern (Ragdoll by Debbie Bliss) that looked kind of like their favorite (and mine) Groovy Girls. Lots of little pieces later... the Groovy-like girls came together. I left their hair really, really long because its always fun to rearrange and style. I knit an A for Abby on the little dress for Abby's doll and a C for Chelsea on her doll. Both of course had embroidered faces and hearts. The girls love them... I do too!

So... Nana the doll-maker is born! (Takes me back to when my own kids were little and I made them stuffed animals and Cabbage Patch-like dolls!) Pure joy!!!
You can see more photos on my Ravelry Project pages....

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