Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring has SPRUNG!

It's absolutely beautiful!  We are surrounded by that luscious Spring green!  What a joy it is to have a Spring again... and beginning in March no less.  The stark Southern pines that are right outside our windows are being cushioned by more and more fresh new leaves from smaller trees day by day.  The torrential down pours that we had last week have awakened all kinds of new growth.  I find myself looking more at greens and yellows and pinks and this is all reflected in my recent order at the WEBS online sale.  I couldn't resist.  It is fascinating to me how I am affected by the seasons.  I remember years ago buying huge quantities of orange and olive and brown rug yarns -- Yes... it was Autumn in upstate New York.
I'm progressing on my Queen Anne's Lace warp and finished the goldenrod colored Louet linen yarn I had in my stash and have moved into a slubby singles bleached linen mill end yarn that I picked up somewhere.  I'd love to figure out something to make from the finished fabric to wear.  What fun it is to create handwoven wearables -- totally unique items that you don't see anywhere else.

I'm working on my summer top from my first blues warp.  It's almost there.  It took forever for me to think of how I wanted it to look and its changing daily.  I finally got inspired to cut into it and have been using a FLAX summer top that I love, as inspiration for a pattern.  The width is only 20 inches so it is a bit narrow in the back to be sleeveless like I had orginally thought, so I think I'll add sleeves.  I wanted to try it out first, and thought about cutting up an old skirt to use as fabric, but that wasn't enough fabric.  Next thought... buy some muslin, but then I had the best idea ever... I went to our local Goodwill and found a nice clean off green cotton sheet and tore 20 inch lengths from it and created a dummy top.  PERFECT!  Lots of fabric to try different things... and I think I've got it!  Now if I can get off the computer...  I'll get back to finishing it!

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