Sunday, March 1, 2015

Painting the Big Apple RED

...actually I've been weaving the Big Apple experience in red...
Here is my finished piece titled: 
February 23, 2015, NYC

or does she want to be a scarf... 

I title it in honor of On Kawara whose work my daughter, g'girls and I explored at the Guggenheim during our recent adventure in the Big Apple.  On Kawara painting stark images of dates and then created cardboard boxes for them and stored them with a newspaper clipping from the day.  I love the idea of creating memory pieces... so this piece is a bit of a diary of that day... the day we went to Loop of the Loom saori studio in the Upper East Side NY and the yarns I bought at Lion Brand Yarns and Purl Soho which I used in the woven structure with my handspun yarns.

I wove it the week after I returned from NYC incorporating the open free weaving technique I saw demonstrated while memories of all I saw were still fresh in my mind...  the freezing temps, the warmth of family and friends new and old, the lights and energy of the city, the intense memories of the horrors of the day of 9/11, the bold red of most of On Kawara's paintings... and the textures that were everywhere I looked.

Here is the piece being woven that inspired me at Loop of the Loom...

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