Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some of what I've been up to...

Though I have been less than 100% the past few month, in order to not go stir crazy I managed to accomplish some creative projects.  

This is what I'm enjoying now:  I'm weaving an 8 shaft twill Saori style fabric from my handspun wool yarns on a cotton warp for a jacket I hope to complete for our fiber Guild of the Savannahs annual show and sale at the Coastal Discovery center at Honey Horn on Hilton head.  I have woven over 4 yards and have 2-3 more to weave.  it's been fun... the Saori way... experimenting with different weave structures and textures and fibers (wool, tencel, silk, mohair, alpaca, etc.). I will enjoy the next step as well... Finding just the right way to enhance the special qualities of the handwoven entirely unique fabric.
Here's grandson Ollie with his doll Woody from Toy Story that I designed for him.

Ollie loved Woody and I thought it would be fun to create his own unique Woody.  I looked up images on the Internet and then proceeded to start with the head and knit  using Woody colors down to the boots.  The body is in one piece stuffed as I went along and then embellished... Red stitches on the yellow knitted shirt for the plaid and golden threads for the belt.  I added the arms and then started on the vest... Embellishing with duplicate stitched spots and a golden star.  What is Woody without his cowboy hat so I knit one for him in the round... And it fit!

This is the Groovy-ish Girl Doll I made for 3 year old grand-daughter, Maja.  She was delighted as it reminded her of the Frozen Princess Elsa.  (I had no idea!)  She was fun to make... all cotton washable yarn with some yellow linen and cotton yarns for the hair.  I wish I had made her with smaller knitting needles as the knit was a bit loose once stuffed.

Then for the big g'girls... 7 year old Chelsea and 9 year old Abby  I made some American Girl Doll sweaters with matching hats.

Everything was completed in time to send off for a handmade Valentine from Nana!

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