Sunday, May 19, 2013


Here a a couple pics from previous posts...

I finished my Japanese Indigo Daryl Vest just in time for the opening out our FIber Guild of the Savannahs Show at Blick. I finished the hand sewing of it just as this years Project Runway winner was announced... Michelle... perfect timing, right?  The original post is here...
Jan, Joyce and Sylvia in their wonderful nuno scarves and me in my new nuno tunic
Then Wednesday several us displayed our nuno felted creations at the Savannah Newcomers Luncheon at Ruth Chris' Restaurant. Sylvia, Jan and Joyce had all worn their beautiful scarves created in my sm'ART (seeing and making ART) group class a couple weeks ago. What fun it was to see their completed projects as when they left class the scarves were felted, though still wet and a lot of changes happen in the drying!

I wore the nuno tunic I made just last weekend (my Mother's Day celebration) incorporating some of the yummy yarn daughter Kristin ordered online through Etsy for a surprise Mothers Day present. (Imagine my shock when the package arrived from Tressa Germany one of our brand new Fiber Guild members... serendipity!  Kristin had found Tressa's shop on Etsy.)  

I have always wanted to try something larger/wider than a scarf in nuno and this was the perfect opportunity.  I duct taped 3 of the swimming noodles I use for my classes to roll the scarves together and it was just right.  I had to pay special attention to the edges at they were hard to press and roll.  I left the felted fringes on the sleeves and along the side edges.  Just the right amount of "funk!"

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