Thursday, April 25, 2013

more Dawe-some Artwork... this time Miami

Gabriel Dawe left Savannah for Miami where he completed several pieces at the Zadok Gallery.  Our oldest son Erik and his girlfriend Pune were in Miami Beach for a few days from Dubai, so I had the perfect excuse to go down to see not only them... but Plexus 22 and lots of other thread installations by Dawe.

Zadok has an amazing gallery space with 60 foot ceilings and Plexus 22 did a fantastic job filling the space.  The wonderful thing about this gallery is that it has a balcony where the piece could be viewed at a different level.

It was so different from Plexus 21... vertical, only one piece instead of 2 interacting pieces and the colors gradually changed but were symmetrical and reflective.

I met Jennifer who has worked with Gabriel to create several of his installations.  She was excited to find that I was a Dawe "groupie" too!  They have a permanent Plexus that Gabriel installed with her help a couple years ago.  It is tucked into a corner.

Then there very several smaller installations in a corner and behind the front desk as you enter the gallery.  Upstairs was full of many 8x8 inch Relics of former Plexus pieces as well as drawings.  

small approx. 24" wide by 18" high corner Plexus

Plexus 22 from the Balcony 


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