Monday, April 9, 2012

The adventurer has returned...

I don't think I mentioned it before I left but I travelled to Dubai, yes... Dubai, on Feb 4th to see my oldest son Erik and meet his lady friend, Pune. It's really nice of him to locate in such an exotic and interesting part of the world, isn't it? I of course wanted to see where he lived and learn a bit more about what he does... And meet Pune, so a trip was in order... No matter where he lived. But Dubai!!!!

It was a very long plane trip... But I was ready with my compression hose ( which worked!) and lots of stuff to keep me busy on the journey because I knew I wouldn't sleep. I did manage to relax and rest though, despite a seat that would not recline! I left Savannah at 5pm and Atlanta at 9pm and got it at 8pm Dubai time, so that was about 11am Savannah time ( they are 9 hours ahead!). That's 14 hours in the air... Dinner at 10:30pm... Breakfast and then later a light snack. I watched 3 movies!!! Lots of choices on Delta.

How great it was to see Erik and meet Pune when they picked me up at the airport! Their apartment in the Index Tower designed by Sir Norman Foster was stunning. You enter through an exceptionally tall doorway to the lights of downtown Dubai stretching out before you from the floor to ceiling windows! I was stunned! After a lovely chicken cutlet dinner I gave Pune the shawl I had woven for her and Erik the Rem Koolhaas book. She said that the shawl was perfect for Dubai and I later learned that it was.

The next morning... You can see the Arabia Gulf and the World islands from their windows!


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