Thursday, April 7, 2011

The time is nigh...

Tomorrow is the start of the 3 day eBay auction created by Arts and Crafts United for Japan. It starts at noon EDT. They have accumulated over 70 beautifully made items that will go for the highest bid. One Hundred percent of the money earned will go to Global Giving for the Japan disaster relief.

I just read on Facebook that there was yet ANOTHER earthquake - this time 7.1 which set off a 6 ft tsunami that struck Northern Japan. How much more can these poor people take. I read a diary by a relief worker who told of what the displaced people are having to deal with. It's just SO sad!

I sure hope that the auction is successful! I hope that my handwoven haori finds a good home and earns a good price in the auction. My biggest fear is that people don't bid... and we can't raise enough to be helpful...

1 comment:

  1. I certainly hope you raise a lot of money - but any amount will help, as long as Global Giving donates in a mindful fashion.

    Definitely update the blog with the results.