Monday, March 21, 2011

Relief Effort by Artisans for Japan

The Arts and Crafts United for Japan (a Facebook organization) has organized an auction of quality handcrafts on eBay for April 8-10 to raise money for the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief effort. I have decided to donate my handwoven Olympic haori (short kimono-styled jacket) to the auction and encourage others to take part in this well-coordinated project. Donations will be accepted until midnight March 31st. Please check out their Facebook page for the registration form.

Helping in this way seems like such a wonderful opportunity to use your beautifully created pieces to benefit people in need. Right now what the people who were so horribly effected by the largest earthquake recorded in recent Japanese history... and the resulting tsunami that swept over the northern coastline of Honshu... need is money so that relief organizations can purchase critical items. By helping in this way the organizations can purchase needed items locally so that distribution is not such a huge issue. The hand-crafted items you donate for the auction and the money they generate as a result of the auction will be able to purchase more help for the Japanese people who have been through so much. Thank you for considering this.

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