Monday, August 16, 2010

What can be more exciting...

Saturday afternoon at about 3:52 a new bundle of joy entered our lives at Brigham Women's Hospital in Boston, Mass. Our daughter Kim and her wife, Laura had a beautiful baby girl - 6 lb 2 oz and 18 inches, which is pretty big for a baby whose due date is in 3 1/2 weeks! Unfortunately Laura had to endure the entire labor and a couple of pushes... before the doctor decided that a C-section was in order.

Laura's parents Herb and Sherri and our youngest son, Kjell joined us visiting the new addition to our families in the Neonatal unit only a couple hours after delivery. Mom Laura was still in recovery so we weren't able to see her.

We had to wait until Sunday during visitors hours (1-8pm) to find out what the new moms were naming their adorable little girl. Her name is Maja Rakel. (my-ah, raquel) She's still in the Neonatal ICU because her breathing is a little fast. The doctor's have assured the moms that it is just to be safe. The hardest part is that Laura and Kim haven't had a chance to hold their daughter yet! But Mom Laura is up and walking around and getting stronger each day. She should go home on Wed and Maja will follow a day or so after. (another really hard thing!)

We feel so blessed to have this beautiful new baby in our family -- our miracle baby!!!

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