Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I feel like a dunce sometimes...

How could I? I've been knitting since I was a little girl and today I had to frog the summer top I've been knitting of and on for over a week. The wool tabi socks (mitten-like) have been put aside in favor of a more light and airy cotton/silk blend summer top. I had accomplished about 5 inches when I discovered that I was creating a mobus!!! I had twisted the stitches at the beginning when the 272 stitches were joined together to make a circle... and instead of a simple circle I had never-ending circle! It certainly wouldn't work as a top... so it had to be unravelled. I took a deep breathe and pulled it off the circular needles and wound it back up into a ball to start anew.

SO... today I wanted to jump back on the horse and get back into it.. and I'm having trouble getting motivated. I'm second guessing myself over and over... do I have it right this time, do I have it right??? I still can't believe that I went that far before I realized my mistakes.

The baby shower for my daughter and her wife who are expecting a little girl September 8th is this weekend. Brave new world -- 2 women can have a baby if one decides to undergo the rigors of invitro fertilization! SO... I will be able to reveal what I've been working on soon...

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