Tuesday, June 15, 2010

me and Bobby Rydell

Me and Bobby Rydell - 1962-ish

We are back up on Lake Champlain in upstate New York, avoiding the 100 degree heat in Savannah and JuYeon is on her way to Washington, DC to install her pieces. You can read about the exhibit on the National Women in the Arts website... http://www.nmwa.org/exhibition/detail.asp?exhibitid=208 I can't wait to see it completed! We plan to attend the Closing Celebration in DC on September 13. Then the pieces return to SCAD Savannah for deFine Art in the Fall.
One Sunday afternoon while I was picking up some more of her drawings to trace in PhotoShop for the embroidered fiber piece, JuYeon offered use the computerized embroidery machine to embroider one of my drawings. The evening after my first meeting with JuYeon, I used my finger instead instead of the more advanced toWaucom electronic drawing pad and stylus to trace an ancient photo of Me & Bobby Rydell. JuYeon took my PhotoShop tracing and created a couple embroideries for me. I hope to make one into a pillow top and incorporate one in a tote.

The image is quite meaningful to me... I had a huge crush on Bobby Rydell when I was a teenager and even was president of his local fan club. (Didn't do much, but I still felt it was an honor!) Dad and I had a disagreement and to win back my favor my Dad arranged for me to meet Bobby Rydell! What a cool Dad!!! He had a friend in the radio business who got us tickets to a nightclub where Bobby was performing. We had a real dinner date and after the performance we went backstage and I was able meet my idol! We have 3 Poloroid photos of that event and this image was one. My brother Jeff, who is quite a talented artist painted a huge oil painting of me seemingly swooning over Bobby -- actually I blinked and was grinning so it looked like a swoon! Anyway... great memories over that image! And now I can have a memory of my involvement with JuYeon, too!

Me ironing one of the panels for JuYeon's piece during a work bee with other Fiber Guild members and some SCAD students at SCAD's Pepe Hall fiber studio.

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