Wednesday, March 31, 2010


PHEW! I completed this haori just in time for our FIber Guild
of the Savannahs annual show and sale at the gallery S.P.A.C.E.
took it over there yesterday with my other items for the hanging,
but I needed to take it home to do some finishing touches -- like
sew the front binding on! I delivered it this morning 3/31 and the
show is up and looking wonderful! The opening reception is
April 9th–4-7pm and the show will be open the entire month of
The colors of this haori were inspired by the 2010 Vancouver
Winter Olympics. I watched as much of the events as I could and
at each venue banners of blues & greens flew in the background.
My favorite LYS, Wild Fibres was having a moving-down-the-road
sale. I picked up wonderful wool blends in a variety of blues
& greens and I was all set. I used the same threading as Peter’s
haori & tied on a navy worsted wool warp (instead of Peter’s
more earthy brown) to the original warp. I added a couple inches
on e.ach side to accommodate my more ample girth and I was good to go

I worried that I would not be able to finish my haori in time for the show, as took it off the loom and washed it last Saturday. I was able to start sewing it Sunday and with work, volunteer events, dinner out with friends and a great Tour of Savannah Homes… I finally finished sewing it together Tuesday morning. Enough was completed to reserve some wall space in the show and today (Wednesday) it’s happily hanging in the show. PHEW!

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