Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jacquard woven samples, etc.

Jacquard woven design
view from our boat at our marina on Lake Champlain.
the images woven side by side
image that I photoshopped and reduced to 13 values
for 13 satin patterns (darkest to lightest)
I can't believe it has taken so long to add to my blog! I think I kind of liked the way the last entry looked and didn't want to bump it down. Actually, I was procrastinating!

I received my jacquard double weave sample in the mail a couple weeks ago from the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles where I took the weeklong class in August (more in previous post):
detail of the double woven pockets and picot

the back of the image

jacquard sample using 2 photoshopped images and 2 colors
images woven side by side
photoshopped image from a photo of our boat
and a photo of the dock looking down at the water
We're back in Savannah and enjoying an extension of summer. We had a great last 6 weeks on Lake Champlain (August and early Sept.) but before that it was pretty cold and rainy. It felt so good to be back under the live oaks with their lacy spanish moss gently swaying in the breeze and to go swimming in the ocean at Tybee Island! I really love it here, but I must say that even with the rain... Lake Champlain... and living on our Catalina 36 sailboat was terrific!

I just finished warping my 8 shaft Mighty Wolf with an interesting braided twill pattern with a narrow charcoal gray tencil warp for scarves. I hope to weave 5 narrow (5 inch wide) scarves -- keeping one for myself and hopefully selling the others at our Fiber Guild of the Savannahs show in January. I'm using some cotton/silk blend yarn for the weft and hope to spin up some milk fiber for one of them! Yes... MILK! I couldn't believe it when I saw a skein of soft lustrous yarn in a cotton/milk blend at a local yarn shop! I ordered some fiber that was dyed pinks and reds from an Esty site I found through Ravelry. It's a tiny amount -- 2 oz -- and pricey ($16) -- but delicious!

It's great to be spinning and weaving again. I did do a little cardboard loom weaving on the boat... and knit a sweater and socks... but to have my loom and spinning wheel working again feels wonderful!

Now that I've blogged... back to the loom...

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